Evaporation Material

Precious metal evaporation materials are used for high vacuum deposition techniques.

Gold, silver, palladium and platinum and their alloys in a 5N quality provided by SAXONIA Contact and Power Technology materials meet different applications of the customer.

Key features and materials:

• high purity 3N8, 4N, and 5N• clean surface• customized shapes and geometries• Ag, Au;AuAs0.4, AuGe1, AuGe2,AuGe3, AuGe12,AuSb0.5, AuSb1, AuSn20, Pt (4N), Pd (3N8)• Other evaporation materials on request



For the optics industry our precious metal evaporation materials are used for coating applications for mirrors, lenses, telescopes, lasers and fiber optics.,


For microelectronics, a subgroup of electronic devices on a very small scale, evaporation materials with a high purity are used to fabricate contacts and conducting media for or in the microelectronic device. The type of devices range from transistors, varactors, capacitors, inductors to resistors and diodes. High purity materials are required to reduce parasitic effects due to the small scale of the device.

Physical vapor deposition applications

For all kinds of PVD processes high purity evaporation materials are needed to produce thin film products of high quality. SAXONIA evaporation materials meet the requirement of research and development at institutes or universities as well as industrial requirements.

Download Datasheet: Evaporation Material