Policy for quality, health, safety and environment

We know and fulfill the needs and expectations of our business partners. Our customers are satisfied in the long term because we deliver first-class products, provide the best service and constantly set higher standards.

Every day we develop our company, with creative and responsible employees and taking into account the expectations of relevant interested parties. We implement this desire for continuous improvement in our goals. In this way, we ensure technological progress, alignment with our customers, the development of our employees and the continuous improvement of our processes.

The commitment to the highest quality and the protection of people and the environment are integral parts of our entrepreneurial activities. We commit to the goals of Total Quality Management. In compliance with the applicable national, European and international laws and regulations, as well as our voluntary obligations, we develop the self-understanding on our own responsibility, the protection of health and the environment and the safety of employees, fellow citizens.

Our code of conduct is available under the following link: Code of Conduct Saxonia Group

All information regarding our whistleblowing hotline is available here: Whistleblowing Hotline Saxonia Group